Exotic Short Hair Kittens

Litters Due August 17th and Sept 9th, 2019

Accepting Reservations Now, pick out your kitten when born!

Please text/call, 321-987-0153 for additional information. 

Awesome quality, don't settle for less!

Website updated 07/07/2019

Sire: Exotic Short Hair-Red and White Homozygous for Short Hair, genetically this stud can only produce short hair kittens. He can not produce Long Hair kittens from either an Exotic Short Hair female or an Exotic Long Hair female.

"Daisy"                                                                                    "Cookie"

         "Cookie" Exotic Long Hair Calico

                                         "Daisy" Exotic Long Hair Calico

Kittens pictured below are from previous litters,
all were adopted fast, MOST before they were born, again, don't settle less!!