Exotic Short Hair Kitten

Silver Tabby and White female kitten



...also we had a litter born Oct 25, 2019, we have one (1) boy left/available, a Brown Tabby and White, he is terrific quality.  This boy maybe Homozygous for Short Hair, awaiting DNA lab results.

NOTE: Our last litter for 2019 is due November 16th !

Reserve one of these exceptional Exotic Short Hair kittens!

Text/call, 321-987-0153 for additional information. 
PLEASE: Serious inquiries only!

Our Exotic Short Hair kittens are above average quality, 
don't settle for cheap mediocre Exotics! 

This is our only sire/stud: 

We are a CFA Registered cattery and Lucky is our CFA Registered Exotic Short Hair Red and White male, he is homozygous for shorthair. He has quite a few Champion and Grand Champions through out his pedigree. An exceptional  huge head and heavy boned.  Genetically Lucky can only produce Exotic Short Hair kittens because he is homozygous for Short Hair, regardless of the hair length of the female. This enables PurrZen Cattery to guarantee every kitten sired by Lucky to be an Exotic Short Hair kitten, we do not produce the high maintenance Long Hair Exotics.  We are a very small cattery and quality is our primary goal!


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Kittens pictured below are from previous litters through out the years,  all were quickly adopted and are in their loving homes.  MOST were spoken for before were born, again, don't settle less or from people trying to sell so-called short hair kittens only to find out you bought a feral kitten rescued from the local shelter, and yes it does happen, ouch!  This is a specialty breed, do your research, buy only from reputable breeders, ask if they are a CFA Registered cattery, and can offer you testimonials/referrals.

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