Reserve your Spring 2021 Exotic Short Hair kitten now! 

Reserve your kitten now from our upcoming 2021 Spring Litters
Photos below are a couple of our current CFA Registered breeding queens: 

                                                     Our Studs
                                                "Lucky" and "Zeus"

Our NEW Black and White boy- "Zeus" he is still a baby...just 10 months old...anxious to see his kittens!!!


Kittens below are from previous litters, most were adopted/reserved before they were born, this is the norm for this breed. Don't settle for poorly bred inferior Exotic Short Hair kittens, this is a specialty breed, they have a wonderful temperament to match.  Quality Exotic Short Hair kittens will always be in demand and hard to find, with that said, take your time, do your homework, purchase only from reputable breeders, confirm with CFA the breeder is in good standings.  Ask for the contact information regarding their Vet or Clinic for a reference, they can supply health references and overall quality.  Ask for photos of the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, or siblings of the kitten available, or photos of siblings from a previous litter, become diligent, don't settle, do your homework, in the end you won't be sorry!

Exotic Short Hair Kittens: $1650. to  $2850. 

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